Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Days of Whine & Rosés

London Calling

So here is the start of what will most likely be a lengthy blog post! We flew to London then traveled to  Paris, Cannes and Monte Carlo. At times, my memory is a little foggy - because as my baby whined...I drank! Hence days of whine and rosés...since I either consumed a daily glass (or 2) of champagne or wine in the blush colored hue. Pardon my recollection of certain points of interest. I figured a splashy cool photo will suffice in the way of words (smile). 

We did all the touristy stuff first...

Boat ride along the Thames River
The London Eye

The Tower Bridge

Confections at Harrod's

Floral Elephant at Harrod's
My bounty from Pierre Herme!

The Union Jack 
 Flowers were everywhere...

Large floral centerpiece at the Claridge's Hotel
Lovely white rose arrangement

Inside the restaurant at the Connaught Hotel - cascades of orchids in clear vials

 Not sure of the significance of the bottle but I liked the shot.
Tea at the Ritz...had to try at least once! 
(the atmosphere.....oh so fancy)
Proof...see the glass of rosé to the tea? Oh, and Paisley's bow that she notoriously yanks off her pretty head.
 The dessert spread. Tea sammies down below... cucumber, turkey, ham & cheese, smoked salmon. Crust off. Delicious.

Spoken words heard while in London (and it gives me a giggle every time I think about this):

Hotel Clerk: "Whoopsie Daisies" as he was speaking to another employee. Love that saying.

Well-dressed man on sidewalk, mid-50s, just about to get off the phone: "Talk to you soon...tootaloo"

I crack up every time I think about that. 
Tootaloo chunnel to Paris next!

Bonjour, Paris!
 Two hours later via the chunnel from London we arrive in beautiful Paris. This city to me, is the most stunning, captivating and romantic of all cities in the world. Everywhere you look - there is a point of interest, architectural detail, lovely garden, alluring street scene, vivid flowers, something - all waiting to be photographed - or captured somehow. While a lot of images are stored in my mind, here's a taste of what I captured on film. 
French flags hang over a door...seen walking towards my candle store (below)
 Love the blue doors
Walking through Luxembourg Gardens

 At Cire Trudon - the world's oldest candle makers
 Pretty in pink vignette
 Pastry shop window-always with my tongue hanging out for this stuff!
 Taking time to stop and smell.... You can't pry me away from a good flower market!

According to my husband...not everyone does (he thinks they're too sweet)-

 My Ladureé lovies...
 Below: Violet creme to the left, mint and mixed berry to the right
After fueling up and on a saccharine high, it's off to see some fashion!

 Fashions from the 60s and 70s on display in YSL's redone atelier
Pointing to my the left....out of baby's reach, I mean, spillage capability. I am a very protective mother:).

Isn't this just wrong? Gotta love Paris. Baby is riding freestyle in the cab!
Au revoir!

Cannes (kan)
 Views from our hotel room - our first hotel room before we switched rooms

 Gorgeous sunset casted such amazing lighting
 View from our 2nd hotel room...just a bit higher up!!!
 La plage - doesn't this look like an old Slim Aarons photo? Good job, honey!!
 Another husb pic!
 Sunbathing on the pier
 Street scene in Cannes
 Small street with shops and restaurants (it was Sunday so many places were closed).
 You will be mine...oh will be mine!
Fill'er up!!!

Win-ning...Monte Carlo
(For some reason, I am thinking about this scene in Dumb & Dumber... Perhaps it's because I equate the wealth and ostentation of Monte Carlo to the abundance Lloyd refers to when speaking about "Aspen")

Lloyd: What the hell are we doing here, Harry? We gotta get out of this town!
Harry: Oh yeah, and go where? Where are we gonna go?
Lloyd: I'll tell you where. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Aspen. 
Harry: Oh, I don't know, Lloyd. The French are assholes.
ANYWAYS....... where was I going with that? Round and round my brain goes...where it stops, nobody knows (sometimes). 

We drove from Cannes to Monte Carlo which isn't a terribly long drive. Like I mentioned in my previous post...stop off in Cap Ferrat... and check out that smashing hotel. You won't be sorry, I promise! So here we are ... Monte Carlo. 

Right outside the Hotel De was like a car show at all times....
Monte Carlo Casino
Casino to the left, hotel to the right
Evening time...something I rarely saw since I was in my room w/the little one while the sun was still out.
The beach club we had access to for land and sea adventures. I did a triple lindy off the high dive. You believe me, don't you?
 Pretty to look at, too cold to jump in ~ sorry.
I spy...what is that? Oh, yet ANO-THER glass of blush colored wine hitting my lips. Ahem. 
 One can dream, can't they? Like how men fantasize about women flocking like the salmon of Capistrano?

That's all folks! I'm tired. Phew. 
Stay tuned for my food-gasm blog of all the delectable dishes we ordered along our travels. My husband is channeling Anthony Bourdain-gastronomy and travel-wise so that inspires alot of our food snaps. 

Tootaloo!!! xo