Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paisley's Birthday Party Inspirations

I have to get a hold of myself... I have gone bat-s*it crazy planning P's 1st bday party! I just hope that with all my advance preparations, some overnight shipping, and last minute details, that this Parisian themed (no berets, thank you) extravaganza will be a lovely event for the adults and kiddies this Saturday! 
So I said it was Paris-themed... Yes, there will be Eiffel Towers in the way of cookies, statues, etc....
Jumbo round balloons... I hope my mini helium tank has enough juice for these 3'round beauties!
This looks divine... I might be able to scratch the surface of doing a similar effect...hmmm...
 Love the flowers, the tableware.... Sublime.

There will be cliché pink poodles too... I wasn't as creative as I thought for this party. This is my first rodeo, now... For 1st bdays that is!
It's a gay wedding cake! NO... this is my daughter's bday cake. No joke!
 Crepe paper pom poms will dangle from the ceiling 
Vintage clothespins will hold up beautiful glittery candy bags attached to a gold ribbon! 
Candy Land...

I couldn't resist this cute picture. Of course, my daughter isn't a puppy, though some would say Delphine is my first born. I digress. Let's just ponder on how sweet this pup is! I have a very similar hat for Paisley. To be continued...