Friday, June 25, 2010

Whole Foods Flowers!

When looking for flowers to either give or arrange for yourself or an event... I love browsing the selection at Whole Foods. Believe it or not, they have great flowers in amazing colors and selections. Your creativity is your only limitation. When at home, don't be afraid to use unlikely objects to place your blooms, such as glass water pitchers, trifle bowls, and other pottery (just insert a liner for water). Here are some arrangements I've made for various tablescapes over the years. They've all been in clear glass vessels but sooner or later, I'll do something spectacular in a painted bowl or other ceramic object. I can take credit for all the arrangements except one - seen at the bottom! 

My most recent arrangement done today: Mini calla lilies with daisies. I couldn't resist the deep eggplant hues and the white callas w/purple centers!

A Thanksgiving arrangement of protea and greens... can't recall what I used. 

Maybe it's eucalyptus? 

An extra floral ensemble

Another Thanksgiving centerpiece that is beaming with autumnal colors. I loved this arrangement because of how evocative it was of a harvest occasion.

Thanksgiving centerpiece of hydrangeas and mums I think. This was one of my favorite tablescapes because I got to use my china for the first time. I love the colors!

Light blue hydrangeas and white mums placed inside trifle bowl. These large bowls require many full flowers to fill up the diameter. I like tight fitting arrangements!

My girlfriend Katherine made these small floral arrangements from Whole Foods flowers for my baby shower and lined them down the center of the table. 

So exquisite with the mums, daisies, peonies and roses.