Monday, June 7, 2010

Before and After Part 1

I have been quite busy over the past few weeks coordinating everything for my new bundle's nursery! Paint, wallpaper, lighting installations, furniture assembly and refinishing of some pieces has left me with very little time to report the joys of my latest creative endeavor in our home.

Let's begin with my three week project of refinishing some small nightstands. They were used in the previously named "Guest Room" and fit the space quite well. I decided to give then a new personality, and change their masculine espresso appearance to an energized, less serious looking pretty table. This was a tall order for an eight month pregnant chick! Over several trips to Home Depot and Regal Paints, I gathered  quite a collection of paint brushes, drop covers, dust masks, gloves, painters' tape, painters' pyramids (totally useless if you ask me, fyi), sandpaper in various grits (listen to me talking the talk!), MORE sandpaper, tack cloth, oil based, odorless primer, dead flat varnish, and to top it off, yielded several paint splattered garments (who has a "wardrobe" for this stuff unless you do this for a living?). Okay, the above list is out of order, of course...but let me just say.... the prep work to refinish any type of furniture is a pain in the YOU KNOW WHAT!!! I am not cut out for sanding and priming. It requires the patience of a saint, arm and shoulder strength to rival Michael Phelps' swimmer's guns, and a clear understanding of what you're doing if you've never tried this at home or seen someone do this before you. I struck out on all of the above. The results show, too.

Well, after my tenacious sand/wipe/prime - sand/wipe/prime ritual (yes, that's twice the routine on two tables...exhausting I tell ya!), I was finally able to begin applying latex paint. That was the fun part. Two coats of one color enamel here, two coats of another color there, perform some touch ups... Two coats of varnish.. and voila! Like I said, three weeks later, finished! Not the best work to date, but it'll suffice in my baby's room for now! I know where all the flaws are located and it's not the neatest job  - but it was something I was adamant on doing and completing. I feel fulfilled in executing an idea I had and I am pleased with the results to a degree.

BEFORE: Dark, masculine, contemporary

AFTER: Spirited, feminine, and softer in appearance

But next time I get a grandiose idea that involves as much labor (beside the labor I'll be going through in five weeks), I'll probably enlist the pros to assist in executing my vision and leave it at that. I do have my eye on a pair of chinoiserie bookcases that would look stunning refinished in white.....

Paint used was Benjamin Moore 1284 for the top, sides and frame. Door, inside, and "X" bars are in Benjamin Moore 003; all flat finish. Knobs are from Anthropologie. There is a magnetic closure to the door that is seen inside the table in case that was questionable.