Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Full Spectrum

Everything's coming up rainbows lately... Hmmm....wonder why? Well, stereotypical jokes aside, I love my fellow home-boyswholikeboyswholikegirlswholikeboys so this isn't a mockery but more of a celebration of our "colorful side".  I'll let the freak flag joke pass... (yaawwwn)...Enjoy the colors...I'm back from vacation and literarily rusty for right now. I'll be back and sharper, more clever, more relevant than ever very soon. Tootaloo!

Christopher Kane Resort 2012 
Christopher Kane Resort 2012
Daphne Guiness in Alexander McQueen kimono

soda bottles pic from Pinterest
Pinterest photo (love this wrap job)
I swear this exists in P-town?
I have a sweet tooth and upset stomach just thinking of all the dyes I'd be ingesting. Pinterest photo.
This is actually psychedelically pretty
Feast for the eyes!
Rainbow hued blooms (again, more food coloring!)
Stunning rug...Talk about a statement in an all white interior or hung on the wall?
By Cibeles. Astoundingly absurd. Great Halloween costume though..If you're going for that stick of gum look.
How couldn't I include this? A technicolor dreamcoat should live in ALL our closets.
It's garish, but somebody's wanting this bouquet!
Here comes the bride....

Sidebar: How can you not love this song? It is so beautiful...