Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jersey Shore Meets Upper East Side!

Lesson of the day: Stand up straight, napkins in your laps, elbows off the table, and always act like a lady! 

The Jersey Shore guidettes (pronounced "gwee-dettes") get a ladies' reform school makeover as guided by Lizzie Post and Tinsley Mortimer, two elegant, well-bred debutantes. Quite the antithetical pairing which makes for such an entertaining layout in Bazaar magazine, out April 27th. If anyone has been watching the reality show, High Society, however, I think a few other society peeps need to check back into manners school. Do we really need to waste good champagne by tossing it in people's extensions?

Looks here like you can take the girls out of Jersey AND Jersey out of the girls!
Snooki, JWoww and Sammi looks SMASHING!!!