Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Muy Bonito!

On a recent trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, which was spectacular by the way, I was able to capture some beautiful settings and images that inspired me. Whether I was driving through the entry gates to my resort, watching a sunrise or sunset, or perusing a neighboring hotel's fine appointments, I found a stunning image to capture nearly everywhere I went. The caveat here is no, I do not think I am the beautiful one featured in the second picture, but I particularly like the composition of the flowers and the fountain along with the lighting and the colors. Mind you, I am pregnant and just withdrew a popsicle from my mouth! Viva la Mexico!

Entry gates to The One & Only Palmilla
The feeding prego woman amidst the fountain and flowers
Early morning sun from our balcony
A detail of one of the windows at the chapel at our resort (O&O)
The chapel at the resort
Waves crashing up against the many rocks that line the beach
Cocktail hour....
Walking along Lovers' Beach/Divorce Beach at Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean
Blue agave plant at Las Ventanas (another chic hotel!)

Minimalist desert oasis style at Las Ventanas
Seating vignette at Las Ventanas

Design element of stacked pottery at Las Ventanas
View from one of the pools at One & Only, overlooking Sea of Cortez
Detail shot of railing on balcony overlooking Sea of Cortez

All pictures courtesy of Brandie Herbst