Friday, February 25, 2011

Paisley's Nursery

I've waited quite a while to post these pictures and it's really because I haven't had the time to be informative with them as far as revealing sources, etc. So my apologies if you've seen these already on Facebook months ago! I loved doing this room and hope to do more, be it for myself or other expectant parents. I remember fondly beginning this project of redoing our guest room, literally a year ago. Now, Paisley's bedroom is our favorite room in the condo. I really wanted a nursery that was sophisticated, girly, light-hearted and eclectic. I also wanted the room's furnishings to be able to transition through different stages of Paisley's life without having to re-think things too much as she gets older. 

I am not for very pastel hues and overly baby-ish motifs. If you think about it, the nursery is really a haven for the parents and a soothing place for the baby to sleep and get dressed (and play if you have the space). But a baby doesn't care if there is a border of elephants and trains encircling their room or walls covered in silk damask. That being said, I knew that I loved pink and coral for Paisley's bedroom. I didn't want a pastel baby pink either. I wanted a more saturated pink and tempered that sweetness with some peaches and corals. My advice is to never overthink a concept or obsess about colors matching. Focus on the colors "blending" and add several layers of pinks and corals/peaches or whatever the palette may be...and have fun selecting complementary accessories to highlight those colors. If you're dead set on a certain color or two, you will run into the predicament of never finding the right shade of (insert color) to match and you will think the room clashes. And think about it...if you have two unlike colors but in the same saturation and intensity or pattern but they don't necessarily "go together", if they aren't touching each other , meaning they don't sit next to each other like a carpet meets a wallcovering or a chair pillow sits on a bed, doesn't mean that the color or object can't work. I know it takes a skilled eye to sometimes make these decisions, which is why Interior Designers are in business, but designing and decorating can be really fun and adventurous if you have an open mind about the process. 



1. Walls: Benjamin Moore 003 Coral
2. Wallpaper: Osborne & Little #W5513-04
3. Drapery: Sunsilks: Body - Dupioni Pink Isle BSD254, Bows - Dupioni Coral Peach BSD249
4. Bookshelves : Pottery Barn
5. Birdcage wallhanging: Restoration Hardware
6. Armoire and dresser: Young America by Stanley Furniture
7. Crib and bedding:
8. Chair and ottoman:
9. Chair fabric: Duralee 73000 Coral 31, Skirt: Raoul Textiles Pasha Rose 818 B63, Ottoman: Raoul Textiles Marbella Rose 631 B63
10. Drapery hardware: Restoration Hardware
11. Chandelier: ABC Carpet & Home
12. Louis XV Shell Mirror, metal horse and ceramic lamb:
13. Funny Girl poster found online and had framed
14. Alphabet was a piece of wrapping paper from Kate's Paperie and had framed
15. Chalkboard squares from Pottery Barn and I drew the animals
16. Lamps: bases were vintage and shades from Alan J. Alan in West Palm Beach
17. Nightstands: Refinished them from existing espresso finish to pink and coral hues.
18. Floor Lamp: Restoration Hardware

All photos by Brandie Herbst, top photo from iphone - hipstamatic app! Love it!