Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Color Wheel of Fortune!

My latest hair product dream come true... is this bottle of heaven (no, I am not talking about champagne for le cheveax!) for colored hair! It's Chroma Sensitive by Kerastase and it works wonders for preserving color-treated hair! I just got high-lights about 2.5 weeks ago and my color is still bold, vibrant, shiny and still looks fresh from the salon. I usually have hair-color blues a few weeks after getting color and I think this product really has preserved the freshness of my shattered blonde streaks! Chroma Sensitive is used like a shampoo but without the pomp and circumstance of a rich, bubbly lather. You leave it in for about 3 minutes, rinse, then use conditioner. I follow up with Chroma Thermique before blowing out my tresses and I think that adds to the color preservation also. But first and foremost, I highly recommend this gentle cleanser for anyone with color treated hair...which is like everyone I know.