Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gordo Martes!

That translates about as well as "Ochocinco" but you get the point. Fat Tuesday. It's Pazcki Day (pronounced PUNCH-key) to us Poles. Not the healthiest thing to eat, but I decided to set forth on a mission to find a paczki in my local West Palm Beach neighborhood. Thanks to Google, I simply entered "Polish bakery West Palm Beach" and poof... I get a delightful european bakery on Dixie which specializes in Polish and German deli meats. I gathered my belongings (wallet, sunglasses, keys and infant) and hopped in the car to get my deep fried piece of dough filled with a sweet confiture.

My jelly donut (to the layman) resulted in this:

The "drop" of filling was of a raspberry substance, smooth texture, no seeds, but phony in taste. The dough was dry and the top was stingily dusted with what seemed to be powdered sugar. This bad boy gets an F for failing to make me weep for anything other than consuming needless calories. 

Now here's what these beauties should really look like:

Nice dusting of powdered sugar....
A little glaze on top never hurt....
A decent amount of filling oozing out...nice. Dough is a little dense. My grandma made them sort of like this .... (she was stingy on the jelly, though, too).

Happy Fat Tuesday! Indulge today! Get back on the wagon tomorrow! XO