Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everything but the dining table!

I was just perusing my Topshop catalog and I came across this interesting take on a pattern! I have to say...wearing your interior on your exterior is so clever and cheeky. David Hicks - eat your heart out. Kelly Wearstler...is that your chandelier's missing piece (see gold chandelier necklace on model, top left)? I know Kelly's one to fashion a necklace out of chandelier chain (as I've tried to do in the past, shown below) along with other found objects...so I am sure the brass chandie arm dangling from gossamer thin ribbon is right up her wacky, bold alley! I am especially liking the glam yellow window panels applied to the t-shirt below. Dressing this way sure takes the guesswork out of whether the drapes match the carpet (ahem!)?!
Brass Chandelier necklace; David Hicks-ish interior on dress right

Bold yellow drapery, mirror, rug, a perforated skirt. One stop shop here!

My vintage beads nestled against a cold, metal, pathetic chandelier chain!

Have fun with fashion...These broads above are clearly demonstrating someone did, that's for sure! Perfection is a boring goal and taking yourself too seriously is a drag. Have fun with found objects and mix them with something pretty or unexpected. The outcome could be quite surprising. Own it... even if it's ugly or questionable. If it makes you happy, that's all that matters! xo