Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hat Trick

Only two more days to go until the Royal Wedding....Everyone that's invited is losing their heads (pun intended) thinking about what they will don their lids with come the Big Day. Think the stylish and outlandish (depending) head pieces that Mr. Phillip Treacy, irish milliner extraordinaire, has created will stun the Queen? I think most people will chose an appropriate hat or fascinator to adorn their face shape and hair style. However... if you really want to ruffle the Queen's feathers and upstage the bride ~ show up in one of these...!

Remember this number that Carrie, I mean SJP wore to the premier of SATC?

Swept away in feathers (poor image, sawwrrryyy)

What am I looking at? Where's my espresso?

I doubt anyone will be wearing black to the afternoon wedding but....

 IF I were to be in black, I'd be strutting like this...

 If I were to wear butterflies, they'd be in a red nest like this:

 Or a rainbow butterfly afro like this...
Definitely no hiding here!

 This is the "I don't care you can't see past me" hat, or the Self-Centered hat

The "I can't see this hat is so heavy hat"

Small, delightful fascinator. Safe choice.

Orange you glad I added a bright, bold hat to the mix?

 Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn if it rests on my ear and not on my head.

 Do I wear this to the wedding or the derby? Decisions, decisions...

Simple, quiet, structured headband. Sweet.

 Break out the kilo bricks, we're going for a ride. Bad joke. If you get it. 
Isabella Blow (double entendre -see above) in her Treacy finery.

 If I had a Golden, I'd so outfit him in a ship fascinator. And he'd be the Best Dog in the wedding, too. 

  And if I had a guessed it.. 

And if you can't decide what the heck hat to wear...just wear 'em all!

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