Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hat Trick Postmortem

Ok... so since my previous post, I realized my head piece selections were quite tame and conservative based on what we've seen so far!

My top hits and misses are....

Why not start here...? Ok, so at first I was like, "gutsy move" and I sorta liked it (making an apprehensive-are you with me-don't hate me because I like it-kinda face!). There. I said it. While most thought these two (I'm sorry, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice,respectively) were may-jor fashion don'ts...I liked P.Bea's nude Valentino bow and figured, go big or go home. She went, well, out of control! She had royal balls on Friday! Me likey.

Aaahh.... the couple that went from humble-pie to royal fruit cake. After naming their daughter "Katherine (or Catherine) Elizabeth," Michael and Carole Middleton knew all along they had a royal in the making! Well done ensembles for the billionaires next door.

Good ol'Mumsy... bedecked in her lovely diamond brooch, simple pearls, and looking lovely as a buttercup! Is this is a smile I see here? I'd be smiling too if I rolled up to the Abbey in a new Bentley.

It's a bird, it's a canoe, no, it's Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's structural hat? She took electric blue, rhinoplasty, and other female anatomy,er head gear, to a whole other level. 

Just because she's Posh, doesn't mean she gets a free pass, but she did look chic in all black. I mean, I am surprised she didn't go body-con for her choice of dress. She looked bigger in her shapeless dress than she normally would appear. Fortunately, all eyes were above her chin. Her gorgeous face, long pony and amazing hat were all she needed. Oh, and having Mr. Beckham at your side doesn't hurt either. Love.

Zara Phillips. She just looks so dramatic and lovely. Very appropriate. 

This one is boring for style but love the color. That's all I have to say about lovely Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel of Sweden.

Saved the best for last... Looks like a royal version of Hefner's girlfriends. I thought these sisters were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS on the highest level! Flawless little Barbie Dolls-those Spencer girls are... Twins Lady Amelia and Lady Eliza (18), and Lady Kitty (20). Aaahh, to be young, beautiful, rich and royal.