Thursday, May 12, 2011

Strolling...Missoni Style!

Here ye, here ye...Calling all baby mommas, past, present and future! Missoni has teamed up with Bugaboo and created bright, colorful, stylish fabrics for the cameleon and the bee.
Bugaboo Bee (left) & Bugaboo Cameleon (right)

A stunning chevron print adorns the bee's canopy while a stimulating block print decorates the cameleon. I want to do a Bugaboo makeover (I currently have a fuchsia canopy) and would love the zigzag but am limited to the block print. I digress. 
The bassinet that is available with the cameleon. So fun. Very gender neutral in my opinion. 

From what I know... this will be made available through Neiman Marcus in July! Happy Summer Strolling!!!!