Friday, May 27, 2011

India-my visual Delhi sandwich

My relatively new "India" Cookbook that is so daunting to read. I have made one thing: Chicken Curry III

Long before Elizabeth Gilbert set out to find a guru ("Eat, Pray Love") or Slumdog Millionaire opened our eyes, there was a girl (me) who always dreamed of going to India. Maybe it started back when I was a small child and had an Indian babysitter... perhaps I got used to the household smell of fenugreek seeds, coriander and curry that permeated the atmosphere, but was strongest through her saris upon which I would sniff when I was sitting on her lap. Or maybe it was the eclectic home decor, vibrant colors and religious symbols scattered about carefully. Babysitter's name can't be spelled's a traditional Indian name. To sound it out would be absurd. I don't event think I know how to say it properly. Regardless of my past influence of a culture so foreign to me, it is ironic that I, now, have such a preoccupation and fondness for all things Indian. 
While this post isn't trying to sell anyone on travel, food, cookbooks, history, or anything really "intelligent" sounding... (because I am still doing research)'s purely a visual into what I see when I think of India. Yes, there is grit and poverty and violence. Let's not discount the obvious when we envision the country. We have that a few blocks away from where we live, too, if you think about it. (Yikes, did I just end a sentence in a preposition? I said nothing "intelligent" today!) This is my visual dream.  A colorful, cultural, beautiful, delicious, energetic, loyal, worshipping, respectful dream. 
Delhi's Khan Market
Rush hour in Ahmedabad 
Fierce No Parking sign
Gates to a residence in Bandra 
above photos from Wallpaper Magazine
Truck of pots...can you imagine?

The splendors of a wedding!!!

Arthur Elgort photo (also seen in my elephant post)
Devi Ratn, Jaipur
Frederic Lagrange -Lakshadweep, India
Mary Ellen Mark
Frederic Lagrange-Vengunad, India

And......don't we just all love this funny guy from Parks and Rec? I find Aziz Ansari to be HI-larious!

photo by Paola Kudacki (

Photos below from Wallpaper Magazine...kind of like the Sartorialist on the streets...
Thotreichan Sasa, 24. Photographer
Left: Unsolicited street photo, Versova, Bombay,Right: Syed Ali Arif, 35. Artist
Sasha, 26. Entrepreneur

Below... from my magazine. In case you're interested in flavoring up your foods with curry or chutney. 

I will get to India one day.. It's on our list of places to travel. I was invited by a dear friend to go this September, so we'll see. I hope you find passion in a culture or activity to keep you inspired as travel, design, food and other cultures continue to inspire me. Writing this occasionally breaks up my monotony of listening to Fisher Price music/animal sounds and doing laundry:). So glam....yes I know.